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Hiroko Shimoda, AP

Acupuncture Physician

  • Licensed acupuncturist in Florida and Pennsylvania since 2008

  • Master’s degree in Oriental Medicine from Florida College of Integrative Medicine

  • Bachelor’s degree in Health Science from Florida College of Integrative Medicine

  • Board Certified by National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)

  • Member of Florida State Oriental Medicine Association (FSOMA)

  • Trained in US and Japan

Hiroko grew up in a traditional Japanese household where herbs and foods were commonly used to treat ailments. That norm was not so widely known when she moved to the US. Ultimately, that prompted her to make a career change after 2 decades in the hospitality industry and a decision to pursue Oriental medicine and her passion to help others.  

Hiroko's approach to treating her patients is highly individualized and holistic. She carefully listens to and builds a strong relationship with her patients in order to develop a detailed and clear picture of each patient's overall health and unique needs. In addition, she believes in empowering her patients to take a proactive role in their own health by counseling them in diet, exercise, meditation, and other lifestyle changes to achieve effective and lasting results.


When she is away from needles, Hiroko enjoys outdoor activities, farmer's markets, and good food at local vendors from food trucks to high end restaurants. She is a performing arts enthusiast and has been a supporter of local theatres all around central Florida. She resides with her fiance and their beloved rescued dogs in Casselberry.

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